Retail Sun 2016 Award Winners Gather

Those who are entitled to the Retail Sun Awards, awarded to the industry representatives and corporations undersigning successful operations in the retail industry in 2016 gathered together. Leading companies of the industry shared their expectations and goals for 2017.

Most prestigious awards of the industry awarded to those individuals and corporations that contribute to the industry through their successful and original works every year, winners of the 2016 “Retail Sun Awards” gathered on 19 January 2017, hosted by Suat Soysal and Pinar Sener Harputlu, Vice President for Business Support at ATU Duty Free.

The event held at Ferahfeza at Karakoy on 19 January2017 was attended by the award winners Tekin Acar (President of the Board of Directors of Tekin Acar Cosmetics), who holds Lifetime Achievement Award; Kubilay Ozerkan (General Manager, Metro Wholesale Market Turkey), who holds Contribution to Retail Award; Hakan Kodal (President of the Board of Directors of Krea Properties) on behalf of Tasarım Tomtom Sokakta / Tomtom Gardens) that holds ATU Special Award; Fashion Designer Bahar Korcan, Aysegul Temel of Manner Istanbul Design Management, Ozge Canevi (Altinyildiz Classics Corporate Communication Manager) on behalf of Altinyildiz Classics that holds Most Successful Social Media Usage Award; and Yasemin Avci (Ipekyol/Ayaydin/Miroglio HR Director) on behalf of Ipekyol/Ayaydin/Miroglio that holds Most Successful Human Resources Application Award.

Having thanked the attendees in the opening speech of the meeting, Suat Soysal gave the floor to the award winners to allow them to speak their pieces about the awards and provide a forecast of the retail industry for 2017. Soysal further told at the meeting that the 17th organisation of the Retail Days would take place between 29-30 November 2017.

Our Mother’s Day event make a tremendous impact on media

Ozge Canevi, Corporate Communication Manager, attended the meeting on behalf of Altinyildiz Classics holding the Most Successful Social Media Usage Award in the Retail Sun Awards. Canevi said, “Social media has reached so important a point in reaching the consumer. Social media is a difficult area for a menswear company. However, if you own your job with love, creative and sustainable ideas automatically come up. For instance, we had so special an event on the Mother’s Day and asked the people by what name they were registered in their mothers’ telephones. There was an incredible interaction. We received so different replies. We observed that those who said “Oglusum” were the majority. And we named the project “Oglusum” among us.

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