Retail Sun 2016 Awards Find Their Winners

Most prestigious awards of the industry, “Retail Sun Awards” awarded to the individuals and corporations that contribute to the improvement of the industry through their successful and original works every year found their winners at a ceremony which took place at the Lutfi Kirdar Sports and Exhibition Hall on 24 November Thursday.

The ceremony at which the categories ‘ATU Special Award’, ‘Contribution to Retail Award’, ‘Most Successful Professional Executive Award’, ‘Young Leaders Award’, ‘Most Successful Social Media Usage Award’, ‘Most Successful Human Resources Application Award’, ‘Lifetime Achievement Award” were awarded was attended by leading personalities of the retail industry and business world.

Retail Days organised by Soysal, who makes a difference through his events for the retail industry, provides added value and gathers the industry under the same roof, came to an end with “Retail Sun Awards”. Awards determined in a detailed and fastidious process after an intense participation from the industry just as it is every year were given in 7 different categories.

Considered to be one of the most important awards of the Retail Sun Awards and awarded to important personalities who have served the industry for many years, Lifetime Achievement Award has gone to Tekin Acar, President of the Board of Directors of Tekin Acar Cosmetics, this year.

At the ceremony, the winner of the Most Successful Social Media Usage Award was Altinyildiz Classics.

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